Sunday, 25 March 2018


It comes to a point in life where taking a step back to re-evaluate your life is very important. Asking yourself questions like, am I okay with the position I am at? You find yourself in a situation which forces you to see things clearly so that you can make the necessary changes.
In my case I usually find that I need some time away from the situation so that I can take myself out of the context and examine from a distance. In all these try not to loose yourself, keep pushing hard for what you want. Be it academically or career wise and you won't regret the outcome. Of course while taking moment of clarity having fun is equally important.. I hope I am not alone here leave me comments on how you handle a difficult time, love you guys.
 Here are some pictures from my short vacayy to Calabar, Nigeria where I went to marina resort and the cultural center.
outfit details 
All clothing items and beret are thrifted
Glasses from Aliexpress
Shoes from cotton on


Monday, 12 March 2018


How y’all doin? Today’s post is all about that bomb outfit you just happen to stumble upon. Such was  the case for this outfit. A little bit of side gist, a friend at work told me she sold hats, so I followed her to her shop  and I found this cute sort of animal print beret. I was immediately stunned by it when I saw it. I decided to pair it with an old dress from my wardrobe. I think it turned out pretty well. Here are some pictures😃 thrifting can be fun. thanks for visiting the blog. love ya
Handbag - thrifted
Beret - thrifted