Thursday, 9 August 2018


Hello beautiful people, its been a long while since I last posted on here.. I have honestly missed it and I have definitely missed all of you as well. Its been a chaos on this side ohh. This adult thing is damn hard. The update is sha that I have moved to Lagos where everything is supposed to be milk and honey. Lol, but of course those nollywood movies were all lies. The whole thing is stressful, Commuting to work everyday is by for the worst so you guys better gather money to buy your girl a car. Meanwhile, now that I have found my way back to you I will keep you posted on this struggle life of mine. Adsense finally approved my account oh.. I am literally so excited, this money should start rushing in already. There are no picture on this post ohh cos this baby girl is writing the post from work.. Thanks for all the support guys, this is when the real work starts. so please follow the blog like and leave a comment. thank you guys, love y'all.

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