Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Langkawi Trip day 2 & 3 : Got left behind on an island

The trip wasn't going to be complete if we did not get to see these amazing lakes which are basically isolated from the busy part of Langkawi. We got up pretty early with all sorts of excitement cos we heard so much about these places, there was literally no time for breakfast cos the tour guide came to pick us up at exactly 9:00am. He took us to a place were we boarded a boat, uhhh the ride was so good with the wind just blowing through my hair. The first stop for that day was the Kilim Geo-forest Park, welcomed us with the sounds of chirping birds and monkeys jumping around and making my friend scared cos she thought they were going to jump on her. 

Bought this from a store in Langkawi

Sunnies from F21
Sunnies from F21
Afterwards, we got to look around for an hour before going to the next location which was the Pregnant Maiden Lake, it was quite a sight, quiet and just beautiful. We didn't stay there for too long cos its kind of a spiritual place.


Eagles! I think this was the most exciting cos I had never seen eagles before, they were so close and we got to feed them, so beautiful that we requested to watch them a while longer before moving to the final place Beras Basah.

Swimsuit from F21

Meet my friend

 In my opinion this was the cleanest beach ever, the water was so cool and clear. story time guys lol, so we were given an hour to explore the place then we would return to our hotels. While we were sitting by the beach a group of monkeys came at this lady's bag cos she had food in it and she screamed so loudly and some guys help to chase them away. my friend and I with a couple were still swimming and playing when we realized that our boat had left, so we hurriedly packed up our stuff and ran towards the boat screaming we are here! we are here! wondering why they didn't realize that four people were missing. They actually did come back for us and made fun of us as well. We took a long nap and only woke up in time for dinner, got glamed up and went to holiday villa beach resort to eat.

Earrings from H&M

Dress from H&M
Last day was a dull day, we didn't do much only went to the duty free store to get chocolate (bounty!!), then we went to chatime, got a massage had lunch then packed our bags to leave before going to get some food. On getting to the airport, we were told that we were late and couldn't check in so we had to book another flight that was leaving pretty early the next morning. All in all I am so happy to have gone on this trip. later guys..

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