Tuesday, 2 August 2016


I usually don't have the luxury of just lying around or taking proper care of myself, but somedays I just feel so tired and exhausted that all I want to do is sleep..But i have to make sure that the few hours of sleep will be worth it so first,  
  • Clean sheets: for a start, I change my bed sheet cos clean sheets just makes it so much better also dim the lights cos when you get out of the shower you want the room to be cozy and clam.
  • Music: don't forget to get the music playing, for me a playlist of my favorite is always on deck 
  •  Shower time:  take a really long shower, scrub my face with my sugar scrub and basically make sure that  everywhere is squeaky clean.
  • Moisturize: I don't like applying so much product at night so i just wipe my face with my toner and apply a moisturizing skin gel. I use a light night cream on my skin as well.
  • Smell good feel good: a little amount of any mild perfume does the trick.

  • Massage: this is so important i cant leave it out.. I give myself a feet massage to relax me even more.

  • Something hot: I am a tea person, I literally drink tea all the time so of course Id get a cup of that, mostly chamomile at night.
  • Nails: when you wake up the next day, you want to be glowing, feeling energized and all so don't leave your nails out.
  • Get comfy: which ever way feel comfortable for you, for me that means no damn clothes ...
How do you pamper yourself after a bad day, let me know may be i'll learn something from your routine..later

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