Friday, 5 August 2016


This can be a very difficult task for most people, as we tend to hold onto things especially ones with sentimental value. Isn't it surprising that you keep saying "I don't have anything to wear" when there is a wardrobe overflowing with clothes? Lets make life easier by becoming the minimalist that we are at heart.

Step 1: Get your playlist ready and turn up the volume hunnay..
Step 2: Empty the wardrobe so that it is easier for you to sort things out
Step 3: Categorize your clothing into "keep, maybe, never worn, doesn't fit and trash."

Ahh you are getting there, and this is fun right cos you get to try on clothes that have worn in a while and probably forgot you had. Now I understand that you are going to try to keep the maybe's as well but ask yourself this questions before you decide to..

  • Do I feel confident wearing this?
  • Has my style changed especially when it is no longer trending
  • Do I already have other clothes similar to this?

Okay, after that I always see myself wanting to keep the "maybe" as house clothes and this is a big NO NO cos that just means that aim of cleaning out the wardrobe hasn't been reached.

Secondly, the ones that do not fit properly and the you never wore... it would be best if you donate this or even sell them.

The trash, these are clothes that are worn out, have broken zippers and tears, the ones you were planning to take to the tailor but never did, pack it up in a box and either give it to someone who can make use of it or TRASH it.

After doing this you will realize how many things you have and will be able to make maximum use of. Also to maintain your wardrobe in this new state, I decided to keep by rule of buying 3 new thing and losing one old one, I hope this helped.
Thanks for stopping by guys, later...

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