Thursday, 8 December 2016


Hey there lovelies, its been so long since I last came on here. I was on a school break and decided to take some time out for me. Enough rambling from me, lets get to the point.
So as you guys know I am a naturalista (2yrs+) and I really thin hair with stunted growth when I mean stunted like really stunted. This was the original reason why I did my big chop, I have tried so many products that didn't work for me and I am not a fan of hair vitamins cos I just did not believe in them, but when I started getting frustrated I decided to get the 1 month supply of hairfinity, duh I wasn't going to waste my money so this is also like a mini review on the product.

Most people said that this gave them breakout but I didn't have that, I started seeing results in a week even my bestie who does my hair confirmed that my hair is thicker..
I have only been using this for 3 weeks now and I will be getting another bottle.

Apart from the hairfinity I also invested in so black Jamaican castor oil and it has really strengthened my hair. It doesn't fall out as much as before and I am so happy for that.

Finally, those edges need to be laid so I also go the olive oil edge control gel..
Still figuring out how to use this though, lol

I got all the product from this Instagram page and delivery was fast for those living in Malaysia.
Thanks for stopping by guys. love you
For hairfinity click here
For castor oil and edge control click here

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