Thursday, 22 December 2016


Hello there lovelies, its been a while. The struggles of life does not want me to flourish, I hope you guys are great. I was a feeling a little bit low and i decided to treat my self to something new. Guess what I found.. WAIT FOR IT, its the perfect christmas shoes.               
I went to H&M with my girls to shop their usual 50% off sales but this beauty caught my eye and I had to drop some other stuff just so I could have it..
My holiday outfits is about to be lit y’all, I have great plans for this pair already.. Talking about denim, black, red and even prints. This is going to upgrade my outfit in so many ways. Can you tell that I am excited cos I definitely am. I cant wait to wear this. #slayage lol. Thanks for stopping by guys love you…

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