Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Hello there gorgeous people,
happy new year, i hope you had the best holiday ever. Mine was okay but not as exciting cos some of my friends had travelled and i was not with my family for the holidays.
Plus, I had to go to the lab almost everyday cos i am working on my research. Anyways, I ran out of body lotion so this gave me a reason to spoil myself a little and stopping being sad about missing my family. all roads led to the mall and then to Victoria's secret, hahaha.
The aim was to get a bottle of lotion but sales rep kept coming at me with all dem sales and i had to get me some of the good stuff..

 The body mist smelled so good, I had not tried these before. i got secret escape (green) and pure seduction (purple).
Don't even get me started on the lotions hmm i cant describe that, i got 'fresh and clean' & 'warm and cool' cos I already had the mist for those. I also got a nice vanilla lotion for my hand bag, duh got to smell good all the time, lol
The green bottle one deserves special attention. It has glitters or should i say it make your skin look like you applied highlighter all over it. Anyone who loves to glow should definitely get this one.

Thanks for stopping by guys, love you..